Kosmorro A program to calculate your ephemerides

Download Version 0.10.13 - Changelog

Calculate your ephemerides for any time, any location

Get the rise, culmination and set times of each major object of the Solar system in just one command.
All you need to do is to give your coordinates either in the arguments or the environment variables.
Kosmorro's basic command

Don't miss any event

It is always frustrating to miss a beautiful event. Kosmorro can find them for you. When an event is found, it is displayed in the command returned

Prepare your observation nights more quickly than ever and focus on preparing your material

Preparing observation nights is time-consuming and boring.
Just let Kosmorro prepare it and focus on what is really important for you.

Kosmorro has a built-in PDF generator that creates fancy documents in just a few seconds. All you need is TeXLive.
Example of generated PDF document

No Internet connection required

All the calculations made by Kosmorro are made offline, right on your computer.
Just install Kosmorro and you're free to go anywhere you want.

Download Kosmorro now

Kosmorro is a free software, available on Linux, FreeBSD and Mac. Give it a try!