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An object representing an event


class Event:
    event_type: EventType
    objects: [Object]
    start_time: datetime
    end_time: Union[datetime|None]
    details: Union[string|None]


  • event_type: one of the values of the EventType enumeration
  • objects: the asters involved in the event
  • start_time: the time at which the event starts
  • end_time: the time at which the event ends (if None, then the event is punctual and has no duration)
  • details: the details about the event, if any


get_description(self, show_details: bool = True) -> str:

Returns a textual description of the event, ready to be displayed.

  • show_details: if there are details, then include them in the returned string.


Returns the object as a plain simple Python dictionnary.

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