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Return list of matching events that occur in a given time range


def search_events(
    event_types: [EventType],
    end: datetime.date,
    start: datetime.date = date.today(),
    timezone: int = 0
) -> [Event]


  • event_types: the type of events that will be searched for
  • end: events earlier than this date will be included in search
  • start: events later than this date will be included in search
  • timezone: if set, the datetime returned will be adapted to the given timezone


A list of events, matching event types, that represent astronomical events occurring in the given time range


Get conjunction and season change events between June 17th, 2021 and June 19th, 2021:

event_types = [EventType.CONJUNCTION, EventType.SEASON_CHANGE]
kosmorrolib.search_events(event_types, end=date(2021, 6, 19), start=date(2021, 6, 17))

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