Download Kosmorro

Kosmorro is currently available on the platforms listed bellow.

If you want to generate a PDF file, you might want to look at its dedicated documentation too.


Arch Linux

Kosmorro is available on the AUR! To install it, use your favorite AUR helper:

yay kosmorro

Other Linux distributions

First, install Python 3 and its PIP3 package manager. Then, use PIP3 to install Kosmorro. For instance, on Debian, invoke the following commands:

apt install python3 python3-pip
pip3 install kosmorro


Kosmorro is available in your official repositories! You can install it directly with your package manager:

pkg install kosmorro


macOS currently does not include Python 3 (only Python 2 is provided). The best and simpler method to install it is with HomeBrew. Follow the installation instructions to get it, then install the python package from it. Once it is done, use PIP3 to install Kosmorro:

brew install python
pip3 install kosmorro

Docker image

Kosmorro is available on Docker Hub! You can get it by running:

docker pull kosmorro/kosmorro

Note that for more convenience, you might want to add the following in your shell configuration:

alias kosmorro="docker run kosmorro/kosmorro kosmorro"

This way, you will be able to run Kosmorro with the kosmorro command, as you would if it had been installed on your system.

About the image tags

Running docker pull kosmorro/kosmorro will download the latest tag by default, which corresponds to the last version of Kosmorro. If you prefer, you can also force pulling a specific version by specifying it after the : character:

docker pull kosmorro/kosmorro:${version}

Five kinds of tags are available:

unstablethe current code in the master branch, for testing purposekosmorro/kosmorro:unstable
latestthe last version (equivalent to not specifying any tag)kosmorro/kosmorro:latest
xthe last version in the x major versionkosmorro/kosmorro:0 will pull last version in the 0 major branch
x.ythe last version in the x.y minor versionkosmorro/kosmorro:0.10 will pull last version in the 0.10 minor branch
x.y.zthe exact specified versionkosmorro/kosmorro:0.10.0

Compile from sources

Compiling from the sources require:

  • Git
  • the make command
  • Python 3
  • PIP3
  • the following Python packages:
    • wheel (needed to create the Python installable package)
    • Babel (to compile the translations)

All the sources are available on GitHub. If you prefer to build it from sources, clone the repository and check the tag of your choice out. Then compile the translations and the final package with the i18n and build recipes from the Makefile:

git clone && cd kosmorro
git checkout vx.y.z # replace "x.y.z" with the version
make i18n build